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Welcome to International Center for Computational Method and Software (ICCMS)!

ICCMS is a multidisciplinary fundamental research organization relying on the College of Physics of Jilin University, established in May 2018. ICCMS dedicates to developing original computational method and software to support scientific development and technology innovation in China by focusing on frontier scientific research. The center currently has 13 research faculty, 9 postdoctoral research fellows, and 48 students. There are four research divisions, which are Materials Design Method, Ab initio Method, Materials Simulation, and Computational Electromagnetics. ICCMS has built up a global network for scientific research and talent training with 60+ world’s top universities and institutions. Education of students in method and software development is a large part of ICCMS's mission. ICCMS offers various education program, such as online training and workshops.

Soon, ICCMS will be an international center of advanced theory method and software, a leading scientific frontier research center, and a talent training base.

Yanming Ma

Director, ICCMS

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