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Jian Lv

Office Location

Tangaoqing building Room B203

E-mail or


2013 -- Ph.D in Condensed Matter Physics, State Key Lab of Superhard Materials, Jilin University, Changchun, China. Supervisor Prof. Yanming Ma.

2006 -- B.S. in Applied Physics, Department of Physics, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an, China

Professional Employment

2018 - now Associate professor, Jilin University, Changchun, China

2016 - 2018 Lecturer, Jilin University, Changchun, China

2013 - 2016 Postdoctoral fellow, Beijing Computational Science Research Center, Beijing, China

Research Interests

The development and application of theoretical structure prediction methods for materials at extremes or nanoscale

Award and Honors

2019 The Second Class Prize of the State Natural Science Award (3/5)

Selected Publications

  1. Ying Sun#, Jian Lv#, Yu Xie, Hanyu Liu† and Yanming Ma*, Route to a Superconducting Phase above Room Temperature in Electron-Doped Hydride Compounds under High Pressure, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 097001 (2019) (Editor suggestion; Physics viewpoint)

  2. Xiaolei Feng, Pengyue Gao, Xue Li, Min Wu, Hui Wang, Jian Lv*, Simon A. T. Redfern*, Hanyu Liu* and Yanming Ma, High-pressure modulated structures in beryllium chalcogenides, Phys. Rev. B 100, 014102 (2019)

  3. Dongbao Luo, Jian Lv, Feng Peng, Yanchao Wang, Guochun Yang*, Martin Rahm* and Yanming Ma*, Accelerating CALYPSO structure prediction by data-driven learning of a potential energy surface, Faraday Disscuss. 211, 31 (2018) (Highlight by: Nature Reviews Chemistry, chemistry world)

  4. Jian Lv, Yanchao Wang, Li Zhu and Yanming Ma*, Particle-swarm structure prediction on clusters, J. Chem. Phys. 8, 084104 (2012)

  5. Jian Lv, Yanchao Wang, Li Zhu and Yanming Ma*, Predicted Novel High-Pressure Phases of Lithium, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 015503 (2011)


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