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Congratulations to CALYPSO structure prediction method and software for publishing SCI papers exceeding 1,000

        CALYPSO is a self-developed group intelligence-based structural prediction method and software that has been promoted and applied in 65 countries and regions. It is used by more than 2,600 people including Nobel Prize winners and academicians from the United States, Canada and China . The peers signed a copyright agreement and used it to solve a large number of scientific problems in many fields such as physics, chemistry, and materials, and obtained many original results. Up  April 2020 , the total number of academic papers which use  CALYPSO published by high-level SCI journals such as Nature sub-journals, PRL , PNAS and other users has successfully exceeded 1,000 , and the number of published articles ranks first among similar international methods.

        The CALYPSO development team looks forward to receiving strong support from domestic counterparts to better promote China's development in the field of material structure prediction and design through the CALYPSO platform.


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